When did you grow up?:


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 Quotes from 'Leaving Neverland':

"Mankind has become Pankind" Daniel Prokop


"In a desperate attempt to stay young forever we have achieved eternal childishness, rather than eternal youth.” Daniel Prokop


“NEVERLAND : The imaginary island home of Peter Pan and the lost boys. A place where you never grow up. Michael Jackson’s former retreat. An accurate description of the 21st century.” Daniel Prokop


 "Self initiation is a biologically induced, hormone fueled attempt to seek acknowledgement of the recently added “adult” body mass whilst simultaneously rejecting anyone with the wisdom and ability to bestow the gift of acknowledgement that is so desperately yearned for." Daniel Prokop


“Behind every preventable threat to the future of the human race lurks a boy in a man's body with both his hands in the jar of cookies that our ancestors set aside for future generations.” Daniel Prokop


"Growing up is much easier said than done. Just shouting 'Grow up!' or 'Act your age, not your shoe size!' does not work. Fortunately Rites of Passage offer a timely solution to the growing up conundrum. Without Rites of Passage many people can get stuck in the adolescent stage and some people never escape it." Daniel Prokop


"As the supposed adults in our society we have a lot of work to do to re-brand adulthood into something aspirational rather than something to be avoided at all costs (including your life)." Daniel Prokop


“None of the King of Pop’s horses and none of the King of Pop’s enablers could put the King of Pop’s childhood back together again.” Daniel Prokop


“Even amidst tragedy there is laughter, sometimes farce. The degree of farce depends on who is running the tragedy.” Daniel Prokop


“How many more GFCs or BP Gulf oil spills do we need before we finally decide that it is time for us to leave Neverland? For our sake, for our children’s sake, *ffs, we need to leave.” *for our futures sake." Daniel Prokop


 “Unfortunately the ‘warrior’ archetype accidentally dropped the soap in the shower and he has been getting boned senseless by the ‘soldier/lobbyist archetype’ ever since.” Daniel Prokop

 “When two or three people come together in the name of Neverland then I will be there amidst them or if I am too busy or have a better offer, then I will send a proxy or you can just have the tantrum without me, whatever.” (King James Version: Gospel of St. Peter (of Pan))


"Igorance is not bliss. With ignorance there is a “Veil of Ignorance.” Some extraordinary people can do the full dance of the nine veils of ignorance, that’s seven veils of idiocy plus two extra veils as a stupid bonus. Bliss doesn’t even own a veil." Daniel Prokop


"The Mongolian Empire was the largest land empire in history. As it started to collapse, no one thought to say: “Hey, just hang on a minute. If this collapses, think of all the job losses. It would upset half the world’s trade. Sorry world, we know they can be ruthless and brutal but the Mongolian Empire is just too big to be allowed to collapse.”


"In a world where no one wants to take responsibility, there are many who want to take advantage." Daniel Prokop



I've posted the video clip from the book launch where I walked around with a microphone and asked people "When are you going to grow up?" the answers are amusing and also a bit chilling. The roots of Neverland run deep.


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  •  Quotes from 'Leaving Neverland':

    "Mankind has become Pankind" Daniel Prokop


    "In a desperate attempt to stay young forever we have achieved eternal childishness, rather than eternal youth.” Daniel Prokop


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